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Raluca Zaharia: Bookchasers

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Raluca Zaharia: Bookchasers

20,00 LEI

By Raluca Zaharia

If a certain book was able to make your wishes come true, how much hould you be willing to sacrifice for it?

For bookchasers like Alexander Brook, the price of a wish is sometimes as high as one's friendship, happiness, or even one's life. They have the ability to conjure up the inner power of a special kind of books in order to fulfill a wish. Of course, such books are rare and need to be tracked down, and even as they are found, they may prove dangerous to the one who uses them.

Let yourself be introduced his world, where fates of many tangled together in unexpected ways. Follow those like him as they deal with cruel book spirits, powerful editors and their own inner demons in order to get what they want.

ISBN 978-973-8987-71-5

228 pages of manga comics and graphic novel

Right to left reading.
This book has been printed in the original Japanese format. The decision to thell the story in this particular way belongs to the author. Unlike English books, Japanese ones are read from top to bottom and from right to left.



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